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"We had some knowledge in 2003 of the Babyliss Curl Secret Price

justice system.

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As I've written before, this case will not bring the administration of justice into disrepute. That's already been done through our disastrous criminal Babyliss Pro Curl

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"The steps that we took in this instance were ones that we thought were reasonable in the circumstances to protect the public," said Dangerfield.

However, we do know a few things.

Whether Douglas consented to having her pics on the Internet or not, or whether her demented husband did it behind her back, is a separate issue.

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Douglas might not have consented to the pics going online, we simply don't know at this time.

I also asked her if she thought it was the ethical and legal responsibility of a law society to ensure anyone who Babyliss Pro Miracurl is becoming a judge be vetted properly, including weeding Monster Beats Headset Review

If that were truly a legal impediment, Dangerfield would have told me that when I first asked her Friday morning. Instead, she said she wasn't sure if the Law Society knew or not about the pics being online in 2005 and would have to get back to me. Two hours later she got back to me and took the new position that she simply can't comment on it at all.

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existence of nude photos," Dangerfield said. "But I can't comment on when, or if, we had knowledge of whether there had been any posting of those photos on the Internet." Why? Because Dangerfield says that information has been sealed by the Court of Appeal.

Law Society senior general counsel Kristin Dangerfield refused to reveal to the Winnipeg Sun this past week exactly when they knew about the online nude shots of Justice Lori Douglas.

Need a good lawyer

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out people with online porn shots of themselves.

At some point the Manitoba Law Society is going to have to explain to the public why it stood idly by and allowed a Manitoba lawyer to be appointed to Court of Queen's Bench the family division, no less when it knew there were naked pictures of that lawyer posted on the Internet.

That might be understandable for a non lawyer who had to seek legal advice before speaking publicly about an issue. But Dangerfield is a senior lawyer at a law society.

But it was up to the Law Society to disclose this information.

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If the Law Society had documentation of all aspects of King and Chapman's case when they investigated it back in 2004, it follows logically they knew a Manitoba lawyer who was about to become a judge had pornographic pictures of her all over the Internet.

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Babyliss Pro Miracurl

"I can't comment on what information may or may not have been provided to any vetting committee," said Dangerfield. "There's certainly a very extensive vetting process that takes place in the appointment of a judge." Obviously not extensive enough.

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Really? Wow. Those are pretty weak steps, especially when a lawyer is about to become a judge in a family court.

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We found out last week that the Law Society was aware of the sordid dealings between Douglas' lawyer husband Jack King and his then client Alex Chapman. Trouble is, they won't admit to us exactly how much they knew and when they knew it.

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