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"These kids are just so bright," he said. "I show them the tub of yeast and water, and they ask me, 'When did you start this?' Most kids wouldn't know to ask something like that. It's fun to talk about what we do on a daily basis and to see these kids' eyes opening up to it. It's all just baking until we explain it to them."

"Wow, look at all that carbon dioxide!" one student exclaimed, looking at the bubbles while happily munching on the candy.

"I was looking for something fun to do," she said Monday. "I've learned a lot."

Murray said Great Harvest Bakery had already shown it was willing to Ghd Fix

For many students, he said, learning through hands on experience is the best way to truly understand something and get excited about learning.

For eighth graders Becky Moser, Kimberly Ortega and Alex Kelley, the Science of Baking class has changed the way they view baking.

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

Ortega said she hadn't done much baking before joining the class, "unless you count something out of a box," and that she was surprised to learn just how much science goes into the process.

"You smell that?" St. Hilaire asked the students, passing around a tub of water, flour and yeast, which was rising before the students' eyes. "That is alcohol, that's the yeast fermenting."

Still, the idea was initially intimidating to St. Hilaire.

"Teaching a science school about science?" he said. "It made me a little nervous. I've been baking for years, and we do these very science things, but you don't think about it in Beats Keynote

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

Baking soda or baking powder, he said, works well. To demonstrate how those products work, he helped the students make a simple candy, with baking powder, sugar, honey and butter.

Still, St. Hilaire said that while yeast is Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v important to the process of baking bread, it's not so good for making muffins, scones and similar baked goods. Instead, bakers want a leavening agent that will help the baked goods rise quickly, and that won't be stopped by high temperatures.

Nashua's Great Harvest Bakery teams up with ASD to explore the

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

The science program began about five weeks ago, after St. Hilaire's bakery helped cater an event held by the charter school.

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

St. Hilaire teamed up with ASD teacher Andy Murray to lead a "Science of Baking" course, which meets Monday afternoons as part of the charter school's afternoon enrichment period.

St. Hilaire said he's happy to see his lessons are paying off.

On Monday, the group of about 12 students were gathered around a table in the bakery's back room, learning about leavening agents, like yeast, and how they can be used to make breads and other baked goods rise faster or slower.

"A lot of people think you just put something in the oven, but it's so much more than that," he said. "It really is a science."

support ASD, and he thought teaming up with St. Hilaire to educate students would be a good next step.

and the right space, and it will grow.

Now, St. Hilaire, owner of Great Harvest Bakery, is hoping to provide the same hands on learning opportunities to a group of students from the Academy for Science and Design public charter school.

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

When Jeremy St. Hilaire was a young student, he didn't learn by reading, writing or listening to a lecture in class, he learned by doing.

"That's how the knowledge really sunk in," he said.

"This is all science stuff," Murray said Monday, watching as St. Hilaire worked with students. "It's letting students see how what they're learning applies to everyday life."

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

Make the water too warm, however, and the organism dies, keeping bread and other baked goods from rising properly.

Letting the students see that there is science behind even seemingly everyday activities like baking can help combat that issue, he said.

St. Hilaire explained, while passing around the tub of water, flour and yeast, that yeast is a living organism. Give it warm water, something to feed on flour in this case Beats By Dre Lil Wayne

On Monday, students worked with St. Hilaire to determine why a baker would use yeast, or some other leavening agent, when baking.

Kelley said he'll never look at a slice of cake the same way again.

Murray said this is often a problem for students as well. Even at ASD, where students attend because they have a strong interest in math and science, young people struggle to see how the things they are reading and learning about in class apply to real world jobs.

After cooking at a high heat for only about five minutes, the candy had turned to a caramel liquid. Poured out onto some wax paper, it quickly rose and hardened, forming a wafer like substance with bubbles throughout, visible when St. Hilaire smashed a sheet of the candy on the table.

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

that context."

He's always been a hands on learner himself, and works that way with his own employees, requiring them to practice cleaning procedures, using the ovens and other bakery tasks multiple times during training.

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

Ghd Hair Straighteners 110v

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