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Ghd New

Ghd New

How can Fort Morgan improve communication and engagement between the city government and residents?

What special skills or perspectives do you feel you would bring to the council?

As a council member, I would support the law enforcement in our communities and vote for and pursue any measure that allowed them to do their jobs effectively. For our water challenges, I think the city is working toward meeting the challenge. The city continues to buy water units as the budget allows and has invested in other options. I will support these measures and work to protect our water rights. I will also be open to other possibilities. To meet the third challenge, I will support measures that will attract businesses and allow for current businesses to do well. With all three challenges, I am excited at the opportunity to do whatever will improve our community.

The Fort Morgan Times asked each candidate to provide some biographical background information and respond to a written questionnaire, and their answers will be published over the next few days.

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Ghd New

A shortcoming would have to be the debacle of the previous city manager. From hiring to firing and everything in between, it was a mess. However, I think the process was a great learning experience, from which we can move forward. A strength of the current city council is the thought they put into their decisions; I have seen their passion for an issue emerge as it was discussed, quality questions asked, and serious contemplation Monster Beats Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

What are the three biggest challenges facing Fort Morgan today?

Ghd New

The city manager recently commented in a council meeting that to attract business, we have got to be attractive. This has been my philosophy on economic development in Fort Morgan. However, beautifying the city with new, clean and well lighted streets is only one portion of being attractive as a city. Safe streets and neighborhoods is another portion. Quality schools with great teachers, where students are not allowed to wallow in apathy, is another aspect of being attractive. Amenities like a strong cultural base with art and music make us attractive. Having a diverse population that associates well together is attractive. A variety of businesses is attractive. Most importantly, having a people who are tolerant and kind to people they don't (and do) know is attractive. If we improve these and other areas to make our city attractive, the city will sell itself.

I would like to serve for several reasons. First, we have had many wise and experienced older adults serving on the council, but no younger council members dealing with young families. I feel confident that I can represent their interests. Second, I would like to take an active part in making my community a prosperous and pleasant place to live and raise my children. I've been on the sidelines for six years, and I feel there are many changes we can make to help businesses and the community. I'd like to be a part of that. Finally, I'd like to serve for selfish reasons: I've been attending City Council meetings for many months now, and I enjoy them; I enjoy the discussion, insight into the community and the decision making process. I feel I will be an asset to this council.

What do you consider to be the strengths and/or shortcomings of current or past city councils?

What does Fort Morgan need to do to spur further economic development in the city?

a small town like ours, this should not be happening and it makes me concerned for my children and for the future of the city.

Ghd New

What would you do as a member of the council to meet those challenges?

Employment experience: Mesa State College admissions counselor Ghd New (Denver Rep.); English teacher for Fort Morgan High School (4 years); ESL and English teacher at Brush High School (2 years); City of Fort Morgan seasonal employee for the street department.

Ghd New

Ghd New

In many ways, they are already effective in communicating with residents. We have channel 17 which broadcasts information; the city utilizes the local paper to make announcements, utility bills often contain other pertinent information, council members are on other local boards and attend public events, and the city Web site has much important information. However, even with all these tools, some residents are unfamiliar with the city's outreach. One option is to create a city listserv that residents can sign up for and have open discussions about city issues. Another option would be to create a city e mail list that residents could sign up for to receive city updates.

Why do you want to serve on the Fort Morgan City Council?

Nation vie for Ward 1 City Council seat

The Fort Morgan municipal election on Nov. 3 will feature contested races for all three City Council wards as well as the mayor's position.

Water is another concern, not only for the city, but the county and region as well. As the Front Range grows, so will their demand for water. They've been buying it, but it won't be long before they determine that they can just take it. The farmers that we depend on economically would struggle or go out of business; our city's own growth would be stunted. We must secure water for our future so our children can call Fort Morgan home when they're grown.

Crime is a major challenge for us right now. Drugs are easily accessible to our children and are in the schools. People have recently been mugged on the streets. Also, when someone in our city believes they can invade a home and commit assault, our community Beats By Dre Urbeats

Our third biggest challenge is our economic base. We have a few excellent businesses that provide most of the jobs in our community, and they serve and give back to our community a great deal. However, they often attract and employ the uneducated and economically disadvantaged. In addition to these businesses, Fort Morgan needs quality businesses that attract middle class families to our community. There's no reason why we cannot attract and grow these types of businesses here.

My dominant skills include communication and team building. As a teacher, I had to communicate with students, parents and administration. In my current position, almost every aspect of my job requires understanding other people's motives, perspectives and goals, then helping them progress toward those goals. I work with other organizations on a daily basis, and I'm known as a someone who gets work done.

Ghd New

Ghd New

over decisions made. In attending city council meetings, I believe that they each truly want to do what is best for the town and their constituency.

Ghd New

In my work, in my life, I have had to learn perspective. I grew up in Hawaii among many nationalities and cultures; I served in the Army Reserves through college, worked in construction, food service, the tourism industry, and in secondary and higher education. All these experiences have helped me to understand people and why they act the way they do. This is what I would bring to the council.

Ghd New

Ghd New

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