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Anyway maybe just maybe the club might name one of Ghd Curls Images

Ned Kelly believes Nottingham Forest are on the right route to maintain their Championship revival as they prepare to face Newcastle United at the City Ground

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"I don't know what the Forest of 12 months ago was like, because we were not here but we have a good togetherness among the squad and more experience in key areas," said Kelly.

Probably a daft idea anyway. If the money men get their way, we wont even be at the CG for much longer (a different debate altogether). Dunno why I mentioned it really, someone's bound to have a problem with it.

I have supported Forest for 35 years so I was there when BC and PT arrived at the city ground. My opinion is that if thay had not been together we would not of the same history have we have now. BC got extra out of each player that other managers could not get and PT had the ablity to see a good player before others managers saw it. If you look at the players they sold to other clubs who did not make it yes there was a few who did make it but the ones who did not out weigh them. Should we have honoured PT I think so but who knows what happens behind close doors and the reasons why. ND could Ghd Air Dryer put this right but it would look strange after last nights program.

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generic name for a stand that it would be no great loss to rename it. Plus it would also be symbolic, the new Taylor stand would stand opposite to the BC stand, and you know what they say about opposites. Worked in real life.

players to work with."

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Well i have only tonight just watched the programme on Pt, and i must concur, it did make me feel guity that as a club we have done nothing, BUT it's not the fault of the fans, it is the club that is at fault.

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Now it might be that and here i am only guessing and have no proof whatsoever, but you ask the question could it have been BC that refused to allow a minutes silence???, remember he had an awful lot of power.

I think a nice tribute to Taylor would be to rename the Main Stand to the Taylor Stand. I've always thought Main Stand is such a Sales Beats By Dre Wireless

the stands after PT if when we get the new ground, look how long it took Notts Cricket Club when Marthur was there to honour Voce Larwood

"They are working really hard and listening to what we are trying to improve. They are a very good bunch of Beats Urbeats 2.0

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