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Beats By Dre Ear Plugs

She added, "If Glennie Langille truly was the most qualified person to be Chief of Protocol for the province of Nova Scotia her resume would have Ghd Air Dryer

Said Langille: "Here is my resume. I really don't think it works for the purpose you requested. I am trying to get it re jigged."

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spoken for itself, it wouldn't have required re jigging."

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Beats By Dre Ear Plugs

The Beats By Dre Ear Plugs documents show that Langille, who ran as a candidate for Pictou West and Premier McNeil's Chief of Staff, Kirby McVicar, discussed "re jigging" her resume specifically for the protocol office on October 24, just two days after the Liberal Beats By Dre Ad

NDP claim emails reveal patronage to Glennie Langille

Beats By Dre Ear Plugs

Beats By Dre Ear Plugs

Tell me and please tell me truly what is the difference between former premier Rodney MacDonald and current premier Stephen MacNeil. Well one difference is that premier MacDonald appointed Healther Foley Melvin Ghd Platinum White Gift Set

Beats By Dre Ear Plugs

Another email, on Nov. 4, involved Langille asking what the salary was for the Deputy Chief Protocol Officer and when the transition from Deputy Chief Protocol Officer to Chief Protocol Officer would occur. The Deputy Chief Protocol Officer is a civil service position and was occupied at the time.

At the time of the appointment McNeil told media that other names had been brought forward but he felt Langille was the best choice. NDP leader Maureen MacDonald says it's clear the opposite was true.

"Stephen McNeil didn't take the time to review any other names, in fact we now know he was determined to give Glennie Langille a job in the protocol office from day 1," said MacDonald. "Whether or not she was qualified was irrelevant, in fact Glennie Langille herself even suggests her resume wasn't what they were looking for."

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government was sworn in.

to a cushy government job. While premier Stephen MacNeil appointed Glennie Langille to a cushy government job. I have not forgotten premier Dexter he appointed members of the Alexia Mac Dunnough family to positions on the board of trade. So there you have it folks seeing that none of us ever was or ever will be politically connected we will just have to be content to pay for the likes of these incompetent persons. After all is that not what makes this province great? As well as the laughing stock of others as well?

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Beats By Dre Ear Plugs

Beats By Dre Ear Plugs

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