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Not only does the apprenticeship program give kids a leg up for when they apply for their first jobs at 16, but Kerrane said it teaches them much more. When the students work in Newark's local businesses, she said, they learn responsibility, people skills, teamwork, accountability, how to problem solve and how to bounce back after making a mistake.

For two hours every Friday until the end of the school year, Rebecca and her seventh and eighth grade classmates at the Newark Center for Creative Learning work at local restaurants and stores as part of the school's apprenticeship program, meant to prepare them for their first jobs.

Talia Greenblatt, 13, apprentices at Kirk's Flowers where her weekly tasks involve cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and cutting the stems off flowers. She has also learned how to make a bow with ribbon, which she said was exciting, and has even began to make flower arrangements for sale in the store. As opposed to last year when she worked at Newark Natural Foods, Talia said her job at Kirk's is more challenging because she is given more independence and expected to remember specific instructions.

Patterson said students are excited to come to work and work hard while they're there, which Maddie said stems from the fact that they have been eager to apprentice since kindergarten.

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"Kids do not have enough independence anymore, and it's important at this developmental stage," Kerrane said. "They're becoming young adults and I think we're preparing them for some of that. This is a real experience you can't get in the classroom."

At the beginning of the school year, NCCL seventh and eighth graders pick their top choices for where they want to work and fill out actual applications for those businesses. Kerrane then reviews the applications and holds mock interviews with the students prior to which they are taught to dress the part, research the business, answer questions and give a proper handshake.

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"It's my one big acting break for the year," she said laughing. "I'm tough on them. I've rejected my own kids based on their application or interview."

"I've done a lot of hands on things," she said. "It's great experience if I want this to be my future Ghd Jade

Babyliss Pro

Clothes in the Past Lane owner Sandi Patterson said she was surprised when her apprentice, Maddie Heeney, 13, jumped at the opportunity to steam clothes, a task other employees often dread. She said Maddie's interest in fashion shines through from her work ethic to her outfit.

Kerrane said what the they learn in the apprenticeship program transfers to every area of their life and high school teachers often give the school great feedback about their students. Although the program makes NCCL unique, she said she thinks more elementary and middle school students would benefit if there were more work study opportunities for them.

size stickers on merchandise, but his favorite part is interacting with the customers.

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Recently, Rebecca and SAS employee Brianna Dulio made cake pops together to sell to customers, which she said was fun.

At SAS, Rebecca works behind the counter, in the store and in the kitchen where she frosts cupcakes, makes boxes, uses a shrink wrap machine and helps out with whatever she's asked to do. Red Ghds

"Usually you just get your coffee and leave, but I got to find out what happens behind the counter," she said.


Julien Sachs Hunt, 13, works at Main Street's National 5 and 10 store, where he does "pretty much anything you would do at a regular store." Julien opens boxes, folds clothes, takes inventory, uses a price gun and places Beats By Dre Bluetooth Speakers

NCCL apprenticeship program teaches middle

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"One time some guy asked me where the shower curtains were," he said. "I like that people think of me as an actual employee."

Stella White, 13, apprentices at Brewed Awakenings and said working at a coffee shop has improved her people skills and she has noticed she is a lot more outgoing now. At work, Stella does everything from using the cash register to serving food and coffee to cleaning and performing odd jobs around the shop.

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They learn all aspects of running a business and even do some of the grunt work like cleaning the bathroom, restocking shelves and wiping down tables.

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Babyliss Pro

"It's not all glamorous your first job," Kerrane said, adding that she's always surprised how excited the students are to do some of the tasks regular employees would roll their eyes at.

Maddie organizes the clothes, interacts with customers, performs sales and helps with visual design in the store.

"It's maturing for them in the best of ways," said Kate Kerrane, who supervises the apprenticeship program.

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Kerrane, a teacher at NCCL, said the program began when the school opened in 1971 and has been a success ever since, teaching students about every Babyliss Pro step of the hiring process and what real work is really like.

"She picks up everyone's slack," she said.

"They get to see the ins and outs of a business," she said. "It teaches them hard work and the value of a dollar in a way."

"She's quite the little fashionista," Patterson said. "She does rock it I must say."

"I like sweet stuff and to be around cupcakes all day makes me feel pretty good," Rebecca said.

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Dulio said she will be sad when Rebecca's apprenticeship at SAS comes to an end in May because she doesn't want her "little helper" to leave.

Dulio thinks more Newark schools should have a program similar to that at NCCL because the students seem to get a lot out of it.

"It's something everyone looks forward to," Maddie said. "It's like we're all waiting to get the chance to do it."

Babyliss Pro

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