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Kelowna by election is beyond mysterious.

In fact, based on neighbourhood by neighbourhood voting results now Ghd Hair Straightener Limited Edition

The hard right Conservatives, who didn't really exist Beats Solo Monster Review

Van Ryswyk, a businesswoman who was going to run for the NDP before some ill advised comments about First Nations and French speaking people cost her the nomination, got almost five per cent of the vote in Kelowna Mission, where she ran as an independent.

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In some areas of both Kelowna based ridings, the NDP was barely able to fend off a challenge from the BC Conservatives.

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But on the Kelowna side of the lake, Norm Letnick and Steve Thomson were right behind Stewart, each getting about 57 per cent of the vote in their respective ridings of Kelowna Lake Country and Kelowna Mission.

But the airport isn't kind to the party, either. And this idea of the NDP being big among lower income, working class folks? Well, the neighbourhood results from Rutland sort of undo that myth.

The NDP won squeakers in some neighborhoods immediately south of Highway 33, but the rest of riding was solidly Liberal.

Of Kelowna Lake Country's 155 neighborhood polling areas, the NDP managed to win just three. The fact that the party which claims to best represent average British Columbians cannot establish even a beachhead in Rutland must be worrisome for party brass, to the extent they even bother to think about Kelowna at all.

Their victory margin in Kelowna Mission ranged from the comfortable, like in the neighbourhoods around Okanagan College and KSS where the party got about 50 per cent of the vote, to the crushing, like in Gallagher's Canyon, where the Liberals drew 84 per cent of ballots cast.

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Everything north of Highway 33 through Ghd Curve Review Rutland is in the riding of Kelowna Lake Country. And here, the Liberals were even stronger than in south Rutland.

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In Kelowna Mission, the Liberals won 158 of the 168 neighborhood voting areas. The party's strength in Kelowna Lake Country was even more widespread, as they won 152 of the 155 neighborhood voting areas.

NDP has some work to do

available from Elections BC, a case could be made Clark might have chosen either Kelowna Lake Country or Kelowna Mission as the safest local seat in which to run.

before Leader John Cummins took over the party in 2011, won slightly less than half as many votes locally as the NDP, which has been around for close to 60 years.

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But there were four neighborhood voting areas where not a single person cast a ballot for Van Ryswyk, and she didn't get more than 20 votes in any of the 323 electoral neighborhoods. So why she's bothering to run in the Westside Beats Powerbeats

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Gallagher's Canyon, in fact, had the lowest number of NDP supporters in any of the Kelowna voting neighbourhoods tracked by Elections BC. In this enclave of executive homes and well off snowbirders, just four of the 110 ballots that were cast went for the NDP.

Despite its name, Kelowna Mission also includes a big chunk of Rutland, with everything south of Highway 33 included in the riding. Here, the contests were closer, but the Liberals still prevailed in the vast majority of the neighborhood voting areas.

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Premier Christy Clark has chosen to run in Westside Kelowna, in large part because of its status as a safe Liberal seat.

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These have to be profoundly discouraging numbers for the NDP, but perhaps they can take comfort in the knowledge their candidate did manage to beat nuisance contender Dayleen Van Ryswyk.

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Ghd Curve Review

Heading into what was widely expected to be a big NDP win province wide on May 14, the party's share of the Kelowna area vote did not budge much from the tallies recorded in 2009.

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