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Beats Dre

Beats Dre

Both India and China, which are eagerly searching for possible domestic energy sources, have abundant quantities of thorium and are actively involved in perfecting LFTRs.

They operate under high pressure and need to be contained in very substantive concrete Instyler Max Wet To Dry

Moreover, these nuclear plants need to be refuelled every 18 24 months. As we have seen in Chernobyl and Fukushima, there is the potential for major harm to the regions in which they are located if there is an accident or natural disaster. Our worst nightmare is a terrorist attack on one of these facilities.

needs to look into thorium

generate fissile materials suitable for making nuclear bombs.

Beats Dre

Beats Dre

Beats Dre

bunkers. They also produce radioactive waste that is very long lived (20,000 years) with high levels of radiation requiring special handling in disposal.

Of course, this is an untried solution, so it may not appeal to the conservative folks around the cabinet table. But we can hope they have the wisdom to hedge our energy bets by putting money into FLTR research.

Liquid fluoride thorium reactors, on the other hand, have few, if any, such problems. Rather than requiring hugely expensive, large installations, they can be much smaller, serving, if need be, a specific urban centre or region.

Beats Dre

Beats Dre

But, the Atomic Energy Commission decided to stop funding the work because such a reactor does not use nor can it White Ghd

Thorium has superior fuel economy. In various respects it will generate more energy per unit of mass than uranium fuel by a factor of approximately 30. or Brazil, but more than enough to support many Ghd Straightener 2 Inch

Beats Dre

With LFTR technology abandoned, the type of nuclear generating plants now in existence in much of the world have several features that make them very expensive to build and operate.

Beats Dre

The reactor is not pressurized. It does need a seed of uranium or plutonium to start the process off, but, once started, that seed is superfluous. Because the fuel is liquid, it can be flushed out of the system to be replaced by more thorium fluoride. That means the LFTR can run for years without having to be shut down for costly refuelling.

Moreover, thorium is hard to turn unto a bomb; it is not fissile. LFTRs use a mixture of fluorides of thorium, beryllium and lithium to bring thorium's melting point down to 360 C. When melted, it is pumped to a reactor core where its temperature is raised to about 700 C and then moved to a heat exchanger where it heats a gas, for example, carbon dioxide or hydrogen, to drive a turbine to generate electricity. And then the now cooled fluoride liquid is returned to the core to be reheated.

Beats Dre

reactors. We need not be hostage to a foreign supplier.

Beats Dre

If successful, the market demand in Canada alone would be significant and could help generate the skilled Beats Dre jobs Premier Christy Clark so desperately seeks.

Beats Dre

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