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Hair Straighteners Ghd

Thanks for the feedback. The price cuts are suppose to take place on the 24th of July; the day after Intel officially announces/releases Conroe. The 3800+ X2 will go down to $169. I am thinking about just ordering the 3800+ single core but haven't decided yet.

You should use Nvidia Card with SLI, or ATI Card with ATI 3200 Cross fire.

and You are talking about 3800 X2, I tought you were talking about the single core one, I my self am waiting for a that drop too so I can go X2, But I am going 939 as I want to keep my Mobo and DDR RAM.

The Corsair ram that I chose is CAS 4 ram and is the most I can afford to spend at $270 for 2gb. The step up would be Corsair's CAS 3 ram which go for over $400 which is too much for me.

I never said it would break the mobo. But there's no doubt it will stress it. Give the folks at Intel, DFI, Asus, Abit, etc., a call and ask them about strapping that Beats Unity

Hair Straighteners Ghd

I'll assume you know to get DDR2 ram. I have the 4000 keyboard and I love it. Then again, I have wrist damage so the straight keyboards are difficult for me to use. I wouldn't use raid, but would set Hair Straighteners Ghd up the HDDs as a normal two drive system. I haven't found Ghd Diamond Straightener

Need some feedback for AM2 build

Hair Straighteners Ghd

Build and enjoy. You've laid out a good machine.

Hair Straighteners Ghd

Hair Straighteners Ghd

Hair Straighteners Ghd

Those tests THG did, were not run using high performance, low latency ram so the benchmarks are not very reliable. The problem is they werent able to get it to work and thats because they didnt manually set their mobo voltage to match the DDR2. I ran into this problem too but figured it out with the help of a friend. The 3800+ will kick butt and do whatever you need for now, trust me.

It sounds odd, I know. But THG did a review of socket AM2 chips, and because the way the clock multiplier works with the HT bus, going with anything but a (dual core) 3800+ or a 4600+ will underclock your RAM to deal with the odd numbered multiplier. And there's no way to undo this effect, unless AMD has changed the way things work. You wouldn't want that expensive Corsair XMS RAM to be held back, would you?

When I first got the SLI board, I was thinking of going to SLI. Then the 1900 XTX came out I decided to use that instead. ATI does have a software solution so that I could go crossfire on a SLI board if I wanted, but I see no advantage of doing that at this time. The Mine is a little bit cooler than the Zalman according to the madshrimps review but not by a vast amount. The big difference between the two is the noise level, if that's an issue. I just ordered a Mine today for that very reason otherwise I'd have gone for the freezer pro. The Zalman's do look nice though.

Hair Straighteners Ghd

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I did mean DDR2 memory, thanks for pointing that out. Also I ordered a fan controller and lighting kit when I ordered my fans off of Jab tech.

Hair Straighteners Ghd

Also, why are you using ATI Card with SLI Mobo?

Looks good, make sure you get the lowest latency DDR2 800 you can afford, it will be needed later when you upgrade to the new processors.

Hair Straighteners Ghd

Hair Straighteners Ghd

Hair Straighteners Ghd

OK, This makes a lot of sence now.

see reasonable differences. I've zero DDR2 experience in AM2 but have been watching a friend tweak his AM2 rig. He's now using this:

I was going to order the whole thing on June 30th, but decided to wait til the 24th for AMD to cut their prices. I don't have the patience to wait for Conroe, since that would add another month or 2 at least. As to why I have an ATI card in an SLI mobo; I switched to ATI after I found out how much quieter a HIS x1900xt IceQ3 is compared to other ones. And then I found out how much better the x1900xt is in Oblivion compared to a 7900gt. And so I switched to ATI while keeping the SLI mobo since no good crossfire boards are out for AM2.

raid0 that useful, and if anything goes wrong with raid0, you loose everythingwhile by using a second drive for datat storage, you still have it if the C drive quits for any reason (corrupted OS, for instance).

brick onto their mobo. I have the dude at DFI got a quiver in his voice. The Asus rep hissed at me. Think of it this way: you are adding deformation at the socket/mobo junction. I can think of over 900 reasons why that's a bad idea. And realize that I'm not just piling this juju on the Mine any tall, heavy HSF is going to add more stress than a shorter, lighter one.

I know the Zalman is overpriced, but the only other HSF I'd go for would be an XP 90 but they don't make it for socket AM2 yet. I just really like the way the Zalman looks so I'm willing to pay the price, plus it performs pretty well. I might take a look at the Scythe Mine before I buy, but only if it does a LOT better than the Zalman.

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