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But "things failed to work out" for Taylor, and he was replaced as director in 1927, Martha Ingram wrote in profiling Taylor in her book Apollo's Struggle about Nashville's performing arts.

The next year, at 18, Taylor relocated to New York and began singing for the Augustin Daly Stock Co. at $10 weekly. Soon he moved up to drama with the same company.

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"The steady decline of the theater made me eager to get away from New York . ," he wrote. "And perhaps again make our home in Nashville, where I thought to establish a Little Theater with local amateurs and bringing on (guest) stars with their popular successes."

"I did build two houses, was fairly successful and for some time life was a happy hey ho . ," Taylor recalled.

Undaunted, Taylor went on to found a Little Theater in Columbia, Tenn., left for a time to join a Boston theater group, then returned to work with WSM radio from 1933 42.

Taylor narrowly missed out on the movies when Barrymore got him a part in a Hollywood film the star was booked to play. Barrymore was then injured in a California car wreck, resulting Monster Beats Studio Headphones Review

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with Barrymore in Hamlet.

The stone house where he and his mother lived and died still stands near Belmont University, at 1410 Ashwood Ave.

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Taylor toyed with writing plays, but was never satisfied with his efforts. He finished his years as an avid follower of radio soap operas, "mainly because he knows most of the actors," a reporter wrote in the 1945 profile.

His mother, who had accompanied him on much of his theatrical odyssey, "my dearest friend and good companion of so many years," died at their home on Ashwood in 1939.

Alfred Taylor, a Republican, was a Tennessee governor and congressman. senator. In 1886, the two were paired against each other for the governorship. Bob won, but the contest was long remembered as the "War of the Roses."

Do you have any information about the famous Nashvillian and Broadway actor John Lark Taylor? He died in Nashville in 1946.

His unpublished autobiography, completed there less than two years before his death, tells of a New York friend who used fortune telling cards to predict he would build two Nashville homes after his return to his hometown and "be successful and happy."

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Taylor headed the theater in 1926, using for performance space a small competing movie house a block away from the current Belcourt Theatre in Hillsboro Village, according to his memoir.

Throughout his years away, Nashville was close to his heart. In August 1924, he sold his New York residence where he had lived with his mother and the two returned here.

Highlights of his later career included Treasure Island in 1917, parts with a Chicago company in 1918, and the 1922 23 season in New York Instyler Brush Straightener

His singing career included the boys' choir at Nashville's Church of the Advent (until his youthful soprano voice changed suddenly) and then a $5 a week vaudeville job Beats By Dre Blue Solo at age 17 in St. Louis, his first professional work.

but long neglectful of the drama, is to have an active Little Theater."

Some of Taylor's earliest public performances came at 16 on a Tennessee road tour with his politician cousins, brothers Bob and Alf Taylor. Lark, then developing his vocal talents, sang popular songs. His cousins gave their "Yankee Doodle and Dixie" lectures.

For a time in his early teens, Taylor played the piano to accompany silent films in Nashville's first movie house, a vacant store in the Jackson Building. with their risqu performers like Little Egypt.

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Through it all, John Lark Taylor started and finished his days as a Nashvillian.

His Broadway debut came as a page in Daly's Taming of the Shrew starring Tyrone Power Sr., who Taylor said once called him "a damn good actor." After Daly died in 1899, Taylor went on to play with California stock companies and then returned to Nashville briefly.

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The Tennessean observed: "At last Nashville, Athens of the South, leader in things artistic, Ghd New

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By 1902, he was back in New York and by 1906 a member of the acclaimed Sothern Marlowe Co. there where he played for 10 years and "probably achieved the pinnacle of his success," a Nashville Tennessean Magazine article said in 1945.

Pauline Townsend, drama instructor at Nashville's Ward Belmont College, encouraged him to start a Little Theater, part of a national movement at the time toward local playhouses. The existing amateur drama group here since 1907, the Stagecrafters, gave its blessing.

He became a familiar voice here on WSM radio beginning in 1933, playing in dramas of the air and doing some announcing. His start there was just one year after the station, begun in 1925 and best known for its Grand Ole Opry broadcasts, reached across the country with 50,000 watts as a clear channel.

Nashville actor made mark on Broadway in early 1900s

Lark attended Nashville's Tarbox School and the city's Fall Business College, but his performance interests led him to take voice classes and to sell sheet music here for the Henry French shop.

I would like to know more about this outstanding Nashvillian and actor. Johnny Maddox, Gallatin. Sothern and Charles Coburn, an early film celebrity.

in a production delay of weeks. Taylor returned to Nashville.

His was a period of changes. Theater began to be challenged by motion pictures. Radio moved from its infancy to dominate the American culture just prior to television.

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