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"Some years, it was nice and mild," she said. "Some years, it snowed. Some years, it rained, but mostly, it's cold."

For weeks, members of the church Beats By Dre Tour Earbuds

"This is tradition," Paulhus said. "When the pageant's coming up, I say, 'What can I do to help?' I help with the Ghd Platinum Styler Red Light Flashing

The angel Gabriel appeared, to announce the miracle.

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On Saturday night, the sky was pitch black and stars twinkled from a distance. The audience sat on straight backed chairs arranged in rows in the dark like in a movie theater.

had been preparing for the annual performance, which is narrated using a recording based on Luke, Chapter 2, in the New Testament.

And finally, sweet faced cherubs sang from the rooftops, "Hallelujah."

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cookies. Every year. Usually, chocolate chip."

"This is our church's Christmas gift to the community," he said, adding that by producing the pageant, the church also informs those who are unfamiliar with his faith that Mormons are Christians, too.

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The actors change. The costumes are altered or replaced. And the weather changes.

at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints on Concord Street, the community was treated to a live re enactment of the nativity, the birth of Christ and the beginning of Christianity.

Nativity brought to life at Concord Street church

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Gray said the pageant serves two purposes: to celebrate and to educate.

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who had been sitting rapt and oblivious to the cold stirred in their Beats By Dre Custom seats, while inside the church, volunteers were warming hot chocolate and setting out plates of home baked Christmas cookies.

There were costumes to fit, scenery to build or repair, and roles all silent to practice.

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But the celebration retains its wonder and joy.

Shepherds, who had been tending their flocks, traveled to Mary's bedside to celebrate the baby's birth.

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A star rose over the manger, leading the three wise men, who came dressed in fine clothing and bearing gifts.

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Pauline Paulhus, a member of the congregation since 1971, said she remembers pageants held in all kinds of weather.

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Bishop Kevin Gray said the church, which is made up of three wards, or parishes, and more than 1,000 members, has been performing the Nativity Pageant for 21 years.

When the actors entered, a spotlight followed them across the stage. Instead of bunting, there was a wall of snow.

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