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Slama, the chair of the Minnesota Career College Association, a trade group and lobbying organization for for profit schools. "Our students tend to be further along in their lives, so they may have a different set of costs on top of their student loans mortgage, they're raising kids, etc."

employed after graduating, and how much money they're making. For more than a year, the Department of Education has been trying to impose the "gainful employment" standard on for profits, but the for profit lobby has been pushing back hard in Congress, and the Department of Education has been forced several times to delay the new standards.

Last year, National American University cleared $10 million in profits. And how it got there is telling: The company pulled in $82 million in academic revenue of it in the form of state and federal student loans. On its Minnesota campuses alone, National American's students received $9.2 million in public loans last year.

But it wasn't long before Leef's experience with National American started to go south.

By that measurement, for profits are performing dismally compared to public and nonprofit private colleges. Four years into repaying their loans, nearly a quarter of students from for profit schools have defaulted. That's more than twice the rate of students from public schools.

"She told me to go out and get a job if I was so unhappy with the school," Leef says. "I couldn't believe it."

But there's been little government oversight of the for profits. With so much money to be made from student loans schools get paid even if students default say it's a system ripe for abuse.

In the absence of reliable information about how a degree from a school helps with employment, the next best way to determine if students and the taxpayers are getting their money's worth is to consider how many graduates are defaulting on their student loans.

Leef took the issue up with the financial aid office, but found that the workers seemed more interested in bringing in new enrollment than helping her.

Moreover, Slama says, students at for profit schools tend to start with fewer advantages than traditional college students.

The for profit schools serve non traditional students. As National American's "One day, one night, Saturday's all right" jingle promises, the schools offer flexible scheduling for working adults, as well as programs online, letting students get a degree without ever setting foot on a campus.

Ghd Platinum Styler Best Price

Clickkeyword[Diane+Leef]" >Diane Leef worked for 20 years at a dry cleaners in Clickkeyword[Robbinsdale]" >Robbinsdale before a back injury took her off the floor. In her early 40s, she realized she'd never be able to do physical work again. If she was going to support herself, she was going to need more than her high school degree.

Ghd Platinum Styler Best Price

Ghd Platinum Styler Best Price

When she finally worked her way up to talking with the regional district manager, Leef says, she was treated rudely.

National American University gets rich from federal loans

For profit schools are cheaper on average than private colleges, which can cost up to $50,000 a year. But they're far more expensive than the public education at state universities and community colleges. According to a report by the Department of Education, the average tuition last year at a four year for profit school was $15,661, more than twice the in state tuition at the University of Minnesota.

Ghd Platinum Styler Best Price

Ghd Platinum Styler Best Price

"You have to look at the student population that we're serving," says Clickkeyword[John+Slama]" >John Ghd Limited Edition

In recent years, for profits have seen business surge, financed largely by state and federal student loans. There are more than 2,000 for profit universities across the country receiving federal loans totaling $24 billion.

It was an attractive promise to Leef, not least because the financial aid officer she spoke to at the university promised to sign her up for a host of student loans that would make it possible to afford her college education.

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they had you enrolled and signed up for the loans, they didn't really care about whether you succeeded or failed," Leef said. "We're just dollars to them."

"I'd go in there to try to sort this out, and they would be in the middle of a contest to see who could sign up the most new students," Leef says. "It was like a boiler room."

Leef eventually got her stipend, but in subsequent semesters found that the university often hung onto money longer than it ought to, collecting interest on it. Talking to other students, she learned that many of them had similar experiences. Many discovered they were paying more for their education than they'd originally been led to believe. Some were dropping out without degrees, already thousands of dollars in debt.

"I'm disabled, I wasn't working, and they weren't giving me any money to live on," Leef says. "I was looking at being homeless."

National American's growth has gone into overdrive in the last few years, increasing the number of its students by 35 percent, from about 6,500 students in 2009 to nearly 9,000 students this year. The school merged with another company last year, forming a new corporation registered in tax friendly Clickkeyword[Delaware]" >Delaware.

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Leef started looking into places where she could get her bachelor's degree. She ended up settling on Clickkeyword[National+American+University]" >National American University, which has a campus in Brooklyn Center, an easy bus ride from her home. Like every Minnesotan with a television, Leef was already familiar with National American from its ubiquitous commercials: "Get your degree/Set yourself free/National American University!"

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In Minnesota and across the country, for profit universities like National American University are booming. Unlike public schools such as the University of Minnesota, National American University and other "proprietary institutions" exist to make money. Many, like National American, are publicly traded companies, answerable to shareholders and a board of directors.

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But National American only spent a quarter of that $82 million actually educating its students. The company spent nearly four times as much on selling, administration, and other expenses. It put $6.5 million most of it brought in through student loans expanding the business in new locations. Another $7.6 million in government money went to advertising. After all, to keep growing and making its shareholders millions of dollars, the university needs to keep new students coming in the doors and signing them up for student loans.

For one thing, although Leef's loans entitled her to a living stipend, the financial aid office wouldn't pass that money along to Leef.

The best way to measure whether a school is really giving students something for their Ghd Platinum Styler Best Price money is to see how many of those students are Beats By Dre Advertising

Ghd Platinum Styler Best Price

Ghd Platinum Styler Best Price

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