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But whether you define a park as a green space or an area set aside specifically for recreation, Nashua is lush. I managed to find every space listed on the map (there are 46), as well as a few more.

skateboarding, what appears to be a concrete waste to some is paradise to many, like the David Deane Skateboard Park on Bridge Street.

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I was already familiar with many of Nashua's parks, having lived in the North End since 1998, but I have worked in Nashua since 1984, and when I needed a break from my cubicle, I headed for nature and Greeley Park. I was usually accompanied by my friend Susan, and we stopped to pick up tuna subs at Jeannotte's or grabbed chili dogs from the ever present hot dog vendor. Once at the park, we would happily cloud gaze and discuss the trauma that was our 30s.

a jewel in its crown of green space, it may well be the 125 acres of Greeley Park, which has, in addition to its gardens, lawns and trees, a wading pool, a play area for kids, tennis courts, a band shell, barbecue grills, an area to play horseshoes and restrooms within a rustic stone building.

Greeley is a gorgeous park: We always admired the trees (particularly the spectacular copper beech) and the fountain and the flowerbeds. If Nashua has Beats Dre Headphones Review

It also used to rely on space, the idea of a park usually being a large, open space, but some of the nicest parks in this city are small nooks tucked into neighborhoods, like the Shattuck Street Tot Lot, which was delighting four little boys the day I visited it, accompanied by my daughter, and junior reporter, Lucy. Lucy is 10, and she was happy to provide ratings for all the city parks we visited.

Nashua's recreation areas

place. If you've never been there, try to go. I am particularly fond of this park in autumn, when the leaves are falling off the trees and drifting into the river and you feel you are walking in a swirl of color.

I'm going to act as if I've recently moved here, and I don't know the area. So, using the Parks and Recreation map as a starting point, I'll start wandering through the parks of Ward 1, which is in the west part of Nashua and includes the airport. The only place I know in Ward 1 is the Midfield Cafe at the airport, so I'll truly be exploring new territory. I hope you'll join me.

Each ward has some kind of green space either a city park, a schoolyard or conservation land. Wards are like big neighborhoods, and in this series, where I want to focus on neighborhood green space, the wards seemed like a natural dividing line, although there is nothing particularly natural about where the ward boundaries are.

But others may argue that the center stone in Nashua's park crown is Mine Falls, which is 325 acres of public land in the heart of Nashua. It's hard to wrap your mind around just how big Mine Falls is. If you look at the park map, it's the giant green blob in the center of the city, crossing both Route 3 and the Nashua River.

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Mine Falls is used for all kinds of recreation: boating, walking, running, bicycling, fishing you name it as well as the New Hampshire cross country championships. I took Buffer, our collie, there once for a long walk in the snow and came across both cross country skiers and snow shoers. We who Beats By Dre live in Nashua now can only be grateful for the forethought of the Nashua New Hampshire Foundation members who bought the land from Textron in the 1940s.

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Nashua is the second largest city in New Hampshire. According to the current census, there are 86,494 residents, which means that each ward averages 9,610 people. I'm looking forward to seeing what the park to person ratio is in this city, almost as much as I am looking forward to exploring the parks themselves.

But as much as I love the big two, I love equally the neighborhood parks scattered like small gems throughout this city. They are all over Nashua, and as I started traveling around our city, looking for its green spaces, I was astounded by how many parks the city has, by what the city defines as a park, and where they are.

The definition used to rely heavily on green, but with the advent of Beats Case

Mine Falls is a fabulous Beats Lightning

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