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He said the grinder makes far less noise than, for instance, metal or rock processors, and operators would keep dust down by spraying the machine with water.

"We're not trying to stop him from running his business, we're just trying to save our lives," Gallien said, echoing a common sentiment that their neighborhood is simply not the place for such a large scale operation.

Either Grandmaison or Scrap Metal Inc. own the vast majority of parcels on both avenues, while a dozen or so on Riverton are listed to Riverview Landing LLC and Riverton Avenue Realty LLC in Merrimack.

Grandmaison has long been associated with the property, which city records state he bought in April 1970 from the late Henry Coburn, a self employed welder who lived at 135 E. Hobart St.

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Richard Maynard, an engineer who was at the meeting on an earlier matter, spoke strongly against the proposal.

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"The (level of) noise and airborne particulates are what have to be overcome by the applicant for us to grant this exception," Reppucci told Radel.

"I'm picturing hundreds of these (trucks) going down East Glenwood Street I'm looking for some comfort here that that's not going to happen," board chairman Gerry Reppucci said.

on the lack of detailed information Radel was able to produce, members said. That included specifics on additional noise, traffic impact and environmental concerns such as employees' ability to adequately inspect large loads of used shingles, commonly called "tear offs," for potentially hazardous debris before the shingles are stockpiled to await Ghd Flashing Red

One after the other, opponents complained about increased noise, potential environmental damage and unhealthy air, and heavy truck traffic through neighborhood streets where children walk to and from nearby Sunset Heights Elementary School.

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hazardous waste like asbestos, before stockpiling the shingles on the property.

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"I'm struggling with (imagining) a plume of dust coming off this," added member Jack Currier. "I also have concerns over the policing activity; it seems it would need to be just about perfect," he said of Radel's assertion that employees would inspect shingle loads and reject any that contain significant levels of hazardous materials.

Radel, in his opening presentation, described the proposal as an asphalt shingle recycling process, "not an asphalt processing plant," he said.

But, neighbors said, word of Grandmaison's and Radel's shingle recycling proposal raised so many concerns on several fronts that residents, amid cries of "enough is enough," held neighborhood meetings, circulated petitions and otherwise united to fight the plan.

The board's decision was based in large part Beats Unity Edition

Several times per year, the company would rent a giant grinder, into which its operators would dump the shingles, a process Radel said could run eight to 10 hours a day for anywhere from one to three days at a time.

Nashua zoning board rejects shingle

The proposal to add onto the scrap yard former Department of Public Works Commissioner Ansel S. Grandmaison has operated at the east end of East Glenwood Street for roughly 40 years was laid out by Steve Radel, president of SBR Holdings, a Hopkinton, Mass. based consultant firm that also goes by SBR Environmental. Radel's business is partnering with Grandmaison for the proposed project under a new entity, Building Products Recycling Operations LLC.

NASHUA After hearing hours of passionate testimony Tuesday night about a proposed asphalt shingle recycling and grinding operation on the property of Scrap Metals Inc., the city zoning board unanimously rejected the company's proposal.


Such operations six of which Radel has helped to start in several states, including Massachusetts, he said are a "benefit to the communities" because they offer a preferable option to discarding old shingles in city and town landfills.

"I've heard nothing tonight that comes close to meeting the criteria for a special exception to be granted," said Maynard, who lives on Farmington Road, just north of Scrap Metals Inc.

Phone messages left for Radel and Grandmaison weren't immediately returned Wednesday.

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"Thousands of individuals could be affected by this," June Street resident Cindy Gallien said before the meeting. "It's distressing to think Mr. Grandmaison would jeopardize the health and well being of so many innocent people for his own personal gain."

The resulting product would be mixed with aggregate and shipped to firms that blend the mix with other ingredients to create asphalt road paving material.

"What it does is turn waste into usable products, rather than dispose of (the shingles) in landfills," Radel told the board. The way it would operate is trucks from Ghd Eclipse Pink personally owned pickups to large, 20 ton haulers would bring in shingle loads, which employees would inspect for Ghd Air Dryer

Now a widower in his 70s, Grandmaison, who lives at 571 S. Main St., is a former city public works employee who later served as a DPW commissioner from 1990 97.

More than 150 residents, most of whom live in neighborhoods east of South Main Street from Beausite Drive and around the Nashua Country Club, packed the City Hall auditorium.

While Radel said the watering process would "virtually eliminate dust" within OSHA standards and "95 percent" of the shingles would be delivered in large trucks, board members indicated in discussion that Radel's estimates lacked sufficient detail and "hard data" for them to approve the request.

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"There must be tons of data out there. I think it's very important that we see that," Reppucci said.

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The property is zoned residential/agriculture and contains at least two "paper roads" named Riverton Avenue and Camp Avenue, city records show. "Paper roads" are so named because they exist on tax maps and other "paperwork," but have never been accepted as city streets.

Maynard called "ludicrous" the fact that there are no plans to treat the runoff water from the dust control operation, and painted a picture of "huge trucks coming down through a residential area with hundreds of homes."

The location of Grandmaison's business has long been a point of contention among neighbors, especially abutters, many of whom say they put up with the inconvenience of noise, extra traffic and even the operation's gradual expansion closer to their homes.

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