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"I think the numbers will show that this is a statistical anomaly rather than we have a crime wave sweeping over us," he said of the city's recent spate of armed robberies.

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"I'm a big proponent of putting things out to bid," he began. "We have no idea what the cost of this project is.

"That means you go after the small stuff, and the big stuff will eventually start fading away," he said.

The work "isn't within the purview of the Public Works department," she said. "I'm proud of the work being done, but the problem is it's being done without sufficient pre planning."

"I make every meeting," he said, after which Brown did apologize for inferring that Craffey's attendance is suspect.

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Soucy told the audience that detectives and patrol officers both carry a largely unseen workload every Instyler Max Wet To Dry

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"I'd have the time to attend ward meetings, and all the board meetings, because I don't work outside the city," she said, prompting Craffey to ask for an apology.

"Each detective carries between 40 50 cases at any one time," said Soucy, who was also a Nashua firefighter for three years. "The patrol units are going from call to call to call, being Pink Ghd Hair Straightener Limited Edition

"We need to realize we have a very good department on the job," said Ward 5 Alderman Mike Tabacsko, who is being challenged by retired Beats By Dre Speakers Beatbox

Veteran incumbent Barbara Pressly reiterated earlier criticism that the project "has changed the whole character of the downtown," suggesting that the scope of the project "changed without a plan, without a budget, without input."

"When I first took office it was a blighted area," she said, adding that she began working with police to form the city's first business focused Crimewatch in order to attract quality businesses to the area.

Incumbent Alderman at Large David Deane was a bit sharper.

Crime came up as well, with most candidates praising police for their efforts and in some cases suggesting city funding be sufficient to keep crime fighting resources in place.

Soucy said he advocates for the so called "broken window" approach to "getting offenders off the streets.

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"I want to make it clear that I think the employees are doing an excellent job," said former Alderman at Large Paula Johnson, who seeks to return to the board. "I'm not happy with the trees being cut down, but I understand why my problem is within City Hall. The mayor showed us everything but the straight time labor costs."

All ward seats except for Alderman June Caron's Ward 7 are contested in the Nov. 5 municipal election, while six individuals, including three incumbents, are vying for three open aldermen at large seats.

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reactive and trying to be proactive at the same time."

Work commitments forced her challenger, Paul McGuinness, to arrive late enough that he decided to sit in the audience.

Nashua's aldermanic candidates talk trees

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"How many of your members would just release $500,000 without a plan?" he asked Williams. "They wouldn't be in business."


Not unexpectedly, the ongoing downtown sidewalk project got a lot of air time as some candidates mixed a degree of praise for anticipated improvement in aesthetics with their continued criticism of the process that preceded and continues to manage the project.

Nashua police officer Mike Soucy for the seat.

Ward 2 candidate Elenore "Casey" Crane agreed, saying "we don't have accountability to this day," going on to suggest crowdfunding may be an option for future municipal projects.

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And Ward 9 alderman candidate Ken Siegel had a tough decision to make, Williams said, after getting the opportunity to attend World Series Game 2 on Thursday.

"When you have hundreds of people requesting something be done even if they're wrong we must listen to you and answer your questions," Moriarty said, a reference to longstanding complaints that Mayor Donnalee Lozeau wasn't forthcoming with project details.

Ward 3 Alderman Diane Sheehan, who is running for an at large seat, said her proudest accomplishment as an alderman is her role in the revitalization of Railroad Square.

A bit of contention arose between Ward 4 Alderman Arthur Craffey and his challenger, Pam Brown, when Brown suggested she'd be a better fit Ghd Hair Straightener Amazon to hold the seat because she works in Nashua, whereas Craffey works in Leominster, Mass.

The latest in a series of aldermanic candidate forums, which was sponsored by the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, drew a capacity crowd to the City Hall auditorium for the two hour forum.

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NASHUA Almost every issue affecting the city for better or for worse got an airing Thursday night when 19 individuals running for either an alderman at large or a ward alderman seat took turns answering questions and underscoring their accomplishments and ideas.

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Ward 9 Alderman Dan Moriarty, who is running for an at large seat, said the sidewalk project wasn't explained enough to the public.

"It's about the process of inclusion," Moriarty added.

Three candidates two, coincidentally, who are vying for Ward 1 alderman were absent. Incumbent Alderman Kathy Vitale's father died Thursday afternoon, chamber CEO and forum moderator Chris Williams said.

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