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Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

The second didn't come easily.

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang


It happened on a cold day several weeks ago, when ice seemed to cover every outdoor surface in New England. Arriving at one of the Boston hospitals for one of their many doctor's appointments, Al Galvis pulled into a parking spot next to a building.

represents one of two giant steps last week for the couple, welcome milestones after a long string of baby steps.

"They said you didn't have a hand when you came in," Galvas said to his wife. "They reconstructed it."

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

The Galvises and 258 other people were injured three others died when two young brother anarchists are accused of detonating two bombs at the Marathon finish line on April 15, 2013.

"As we walked down Boylston and got closer, there were flashbacks," Al Galvis said, describing their halting, tentative steps. They stopped more than once, leaning toward throwing in the towel, only to once again find enough strength to soldier on.

"We love Boston. We love the Boston Marathon," Al Galvis said.

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

For Martha, her shattered left hand, on which she just had her 12th surgery, is as much an emotional hurt as it is physical.

"I don't know why this one is here, and this one is here, but not this one," she said, pulling with her other hand at her middle finger, then her pinky, then massaging the spot where her ring finger used to Beats Monster Md 91 Price

Even after all they've been through, they still love Boston, he said.

The final push they needed came just this week, the couple said. "We survivors talked a lot about the trial," Galvis said. "Before, we weren't ready to think about it. But now we are."

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

Sudden noises bother Al Galvis, too, he said, but he is encouraged that the feeling of living in a fog finally seems to be lifting after a year. He still lives with diminished hearing in one ear, but is grateful it isn't worse.

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

The Galvises, married for 36 years and Nashua residents going on 20 years, are natives of Colombia who met in Boston while attending different colleges. They hit it off, fell in love, married and had three children as Bostonians. Smitten with their adopted city, they immediately fell in love with perhaps its greatest, most enduring tradition.

told her. "I'm still very nervous," Martha said, her voice shaking.

"We went gradually," Al Galvis said. "I knew we would make it. We had to. We had to get those demons out of our systems."

Pandemonium set in. There was chaos, confusion, people shouting, many screaming. Acrid smoke enveloped the Galvises and hundreds of other men, women and children who just seconds earlier were clapping, cheering, hollering praise and high fiving fellow Boston Marathon fans they befriended just hours before.

"Everything was going in slow motion," added Martha, searching for words to paint an accurate picture of the images in her mind.

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

It was Tuesday, April 15 a full year after the Boston Marathon bombings and the weather was the least of their concerns.

Today, the Galvises Al is 63, Martha, 61 continue to recover from the physical and emotional wounds the Tsarnaev brothers are accused of inflicting on them and so many other Marathon goers just over a year ago. And they've finally reached a point they once saw as insurmountable: They plan to attend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial.

"He kept saying, 'It's OK, it's OK, just ice,'" she said of her husband. "I jumped so much, I was crying and shaking. I couldn't stop (shaking)."

Huddled under umbrellas, Nashua residents Alvaro and Martha Galvis peered across Boylston Street through a windswept rain until their eyes locked on one particular spot.

Martha Galvis rolled up a pant leg, revealing a small network of scars where shrapnel peppered her leg and dropped her in her tracks. Surgeons recently reconnected a large nerve, she said, and told her to give it a year to regenerate.

As Martha got out, a big chunk of ice on the roof broke free and crashed down next to her. Pre bombings, it might have startled her, but this day she nearly fell to pieces.

It's a form of PTSD, doctors Monster Beats Tour Headphones Review

"We are ready," Al Galvis said. "We want to go. It's part of the healing. We need to go."

Al Galvas said he learned from doctors that the blast severed his wife's ring finger because it was her ring finger. "They said shrapnel hit her rings," he said, demonstrating on his own finger how the impact severed her finger. It also shattered her hand.

Nashua's Al and Martha Galvis taking baby

"There were these waves of dust, smoke, debris and shrapnel," Alvaro Galvis said.

Beats By Dre Alexander Wang

At first, Martha Galvis wasn't sure she even wanted to return to the spot she and her husband associate with so much shock and pain. Not helping was the recurring chill she felt every time a particular incident popped into her head, Beats By Dre Alexander Wang seemingly cropping up whenever it felt like it.

But suddenly, everything came rushing back.

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