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NASHUA At Fairgrounds Elementary School, students in Courtney Tomich's class were making predictions for their experiment Tuesday.

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Ghd Straighteners Blue

it out."

Inside, Glorinar Garcia, 12, showed off furniture she was building out of cardboard boxes. Each student had to make chairs and coffee tables without using tape, and make sure they were sturdy enough for someone to sit on.

The program intertwines math and literacy into the experiments. Students are required to read and write with each problem they face within the experiments and write in a journal each day. They also record all of the data for each experiment.

Other classrooms were learning the importance of communication and the strategies of sorting groups using Legos. In previous weeks, students learned physics by making cardboard castles, chemistry through mixology with food, and environmental science with water testing during a field trip to Mine Falls Park, Rowse said.

"Every kid participates and helps," he said. "It doesn't really show up here."

Their experiment is part of the Nashua School District's broader approach to summer school learning through Summer Sizzler Academy. The program, which lasts from July 9 Aug. 2, is directed by Randy Calhoun. It operates at Fairgrounds Elementary School as well as How To Tell Fake Monster Beats Headphones

They Ghd New

Amherst Elementary School.

"It's great for the students because they get to see the school they'll be attending next year and the teachers they will be with," Rowse said. "It's a real comfort to them knowing that they know where they are going and what they are going to be doing."

In recent weeks, the students have done experiments with bottle rockets, creating Play Doh, working with parachutes, and learning about plants and pollination.

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"It's a really great program. It's the kind of science we aren't able to teach during the year," Calhoun said. "It's over and above. The new thinking is to get engineering into science as well."

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Ernesto Valerio, 11, Andy Almonte, 11, and Simon Tuylsenge, 11, were excited to eat the food from their ovens once it was done cooking.

Marty Crosier, 11, showed off his solar oven containing s'mores and apples doused in cinnamon.

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Ghd Straighteners Blue

Down the hall in Katelyn Stone's classroom, fourth and fifth grade students were testing their gliders. This is Stone's second year with the program. She said it is a great way to expand on the learning.

The purpose of the program is to get students to plan experiments and figure it out on their own.

Nashua summer school program focuses on engineering

Students made solar powered ovens last week and were cooking with them Tuesday.

"The teachers don't give the answers," Calhoun said. "They need to be able to figure Ghd Platinum Styler Reviews

Younger students involved in the program were learning to make spinning toys from wooden sticks and paper plates as well as old records. Second and third grade students were perfecting their toys and seeing where to place the plate to get it to work best. Their next experiment was to add weights to the top of the spinning toy and figure out how to make it still spin.

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"I think it really helped them understand," Oran said. "They are really enjoying this program."

Sena Oran, a senior at Nashua High School South, was on hand to Ghd Straighteners Blue help students with their gliders. She showed them her pet sugar glider and explained how its webbed wings helps it to glide.

were about to fly gliders they had made out of index cards. Tomich said it was a lesson in engineering and on the gravity of the gliders. They were testing their flight length with different shapes of index cards and wings attached.

This is the second year the district has run the program. Calhoun, a fifth grade teacher at Birch Hill Elementary School, has directed it both years.

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The program runs with the help of teachers as well as student mentors. Each student mentor is a high school student interested in learning and science.

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The program has about 200 students, some of whom will be entering middle school this fall. The program extends to Fairgrounds Middle School, where teachers Sue Rowse, Linda Ryan, and Rock Pinault, work together to help students with experiments and get them ready to enter middle school.

The program runs Monday through Thursday, and an extended day on Wednesdays allows the students to go on field trips to places that involve science. They will go to the Museum of Science in Boston, Eco Terrarium, Harvard Museum of Natural History, and the New England Aquarium.

Calhoun said students with behavioral problems or learning disabilities are able to integrate with other students through the program.

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"There are all these different subjects in school, and this is a chance to take charge and run it with a different experience," said Stone, a third grade teacher at Dr. Crisp Elementary School.

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