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Benjamin says more incentives offered by the federal and provincial governments would help take greening to a Instyler Brush

"Businesses of all sizes across Europe are overall far greener than in Canada, and they are doing fine," he says. "It takes awareness, motivation, and the right government support and regulations.

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While progress has been made on the environmental front in Nova Scotia, the business world as the largest perpetrator of greenhouse gas emissions will need to take the lead if there is to be ultimate success.

National Environment Week June 5

While businesses may be making efforts at greening their operations, much more work remains. "Our per capita CO2 output was 30 per cent less. We manufactured more goods in Canada and Nova Scotia where the transport CO2 footprint was smaller. And we consumed less, far less. We had fewer consumer goods and less pressure to buy. The CO2 and amount consumed have grown greatly since then."

He points to success stories such as The Wooden Monkey, a restaurant in downtown Halifax which bases its menu on organic and local ingredients. He also points to Windhorse Farm, a New Germany based farm which he describes as "a model of what green forestry could be".

"The real obstacle to that happening more broadly in Nova Scotia is a lack of will. We need to lay out the direction we want to take in Nova Scotia, and put in place the support needed and Ghd Curling Wand Reviews

While the green movement has gathered traction in recent years, the efforts of Nova Scotia businesses to improve the environmental sustainability of their operations have Beats By Dre Gold Edition

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had mixed results.

She says access to capital, a lack of staff who can be devoted to overseeing greening initiatives, and a lack of understanding regarding how to go about greening one's operations are problems continuing to face businesses.

The advantages of going green tend to be regarded as the improved savings to one's bottom line and an improved reputation for its emphasis on corporate social responsibility.

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"For those who want to move toward a better future, we need good research, and here, the universities and colleges can help. They can show businesses how to minimize the cost of greening, how to do so most efficiently, and how the right 'greening' can actually help the bottom line," says Charles.

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Capitalism itself is also an obstacle, says Benjamin.

"The federal and provincial governments could create a sustained energy efficiency program for industry where every business gets an audit that provides a 'road map' to greening all facilities, providing interest free loans to do the work, paid back via the savings in energy costs," he says. "There have been temporary, small versions of that but nothing sustained and comprehensive."

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In an ideal world, policies would be implemented that force polluters to pay, says Benjamin.

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new level as well.

Zurawski envisions a greener world through new laws making the environment and CO2 a primary mandate, as well as the implementation of carbon taxes, with the taxes going into research and subsidies for green power, such as wind, solar, nuclear and hydrogen.

"These obstacles have not really changed over time," says Penny Slight, program manager of Dalhousie's Eco Efficiency Centre.

"Using a triple bottom line should be mandatory so that corporations are no longer just legalized money makers, but are responsible to society and the planet, as well as to their shareholders."

On the flip side, Charles says greening is the law for some operations and singles out NS Power's need to meet provincial renewable energy requirements as an example of this.

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solid regulations to make greening fair for all."

In a way, Nova Scotia is ideally suited to deal with the challenge because of the large number of post secondary institutions it has.

Going greener can often be easier said than done, presenting businesses with many challenges.

Charles points to the green bin system as an area where dramatic progress has been made and says Nova Scotia is a Canadian leader on that front.

"There are wonderful examples of green businesses in Nova Scotia, but there are big variations among businesses in how much greening has happened," says Tony Charles, a professor in the Environmental Studies Program at Saint Mary's University.

"Corporations aren't legally responsible for the messes they make and it's just not part of their standard operating procedures or their mindsets," he says.

Charles says it's easy to point to money and time as obstacles, but he argues those aren't the real reasons.

"The good thing is, when one important player in an industry goes green, others follow suit because they don't want to be perceived as dinosaurs," says Benjamin.

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"When greening is institutionalized across the province, that's when we get the best results," he says. "When it's just voluntary, we see some great success stories, but not enough action across the board."

In Canada, commercial, institutional and industrial operations represent nearly half of the country's contribution to climate change, but as the biggest contributor, Beats By Dre Headphones Blue therein exist the greatest opportunities to reduce emissions and reap benefits.

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