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Getting compressed natural gas, or CNG, to customers is straightforward but not easy.

"They are twice as expensive, but can handle twice as much product without being too heavy to go over the roads," Evslin said. Even so, she added, "These are heavy trucks; we can't have a 200 year old bridge between us and the highway."

An MIT spinoff called OsComp also is pursuing this market, developing a compression site in Maine that will serve New Hampshire customers.

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That shortage almost produced brownouts in January, when the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, Mass., shut down temporarily and a cold snap used up most of the region's natural gas for heating. Electric power plants, which depend on natural gas Babyliss Curling Wand Pink to produce more than half the region's electricity, scrambled to get enough fuel and almost couldn't meet demand.

Because it's more expensive to compress and truck the gas, rather than take it from a pipeline, NG Advantage has about a 30 percent cost reduction compared to oil deliveries, Evslin said.

It's New Hampshire's first entry in the very new field of creating a so called "virtual pipeline" or "rolling pipeline," which allows customers to take advantage of rock bottom prices for natural gas even if they're not near a pipeline.

"We plan to expand all the way to the Mississippi in the next couple of years," said Beats Olympic Edition

to keep their old burners when installing a CNG burner, so they can switch back easily if supplies are disrupted or gas prices should soar.

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The Milton site uses a natural gas pipeline from Canada. The Pembroke facility will use what is known as the Tennessee Gas Pipeline, which comes up through Massachusetts. This will benefit its customers by providing alternatives if something happens to the flow in one of the lines.

A new Vermont firm called NG Advantage plans to open a site in Pembroke, next to Concord, that will compress natural gas obtained from a pipeline, then truck it to large industrial customers as a replacement for oil.

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The nation's natural gas boom is coming to New Hampshire in a new form.

The facility will be built by a company called Clean Energy, a California firm that operates scores of CNG facilities around the country that are used as fuel by trucks and commercial operators rather the way Nashua uses CNG to fuel its trash trucks. This is the first site that Clean Energy has built to make CNG for industrial heating and power, rather than as a transportation fuel.

Babyliss Curling Wand Pink

Babyliss Curling Wand Pink

place while the fuel is burned and is replaced by a new truck when it's empty. These large customers use five or more truckloads a day.

Babyliss Curling Wand Pink

Babyliss Curling Wand Pink

Evslin. She claimed that one customer, an asphalt company, has doubled its order because lower energy prices allowed it to undercut competitors' bids.

For NG Advantages, three compressors at the Milton plant take 500 pounds per square inch gas and compress it to 3,000 psi, then load it into special tanker trucks with tanks made of carbon fiber rather than steel.

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Natural gas on the move

Replacing oil with natural gas also produces environmental benefits, since natural gas burns far more cleanly.

NG Advantage's six current customers (three more are signed up, Evslin said) are companies operating energy hungry facilities like asphalt plants and paper plants. They use at least 150,000 gallons of oil a year and are located in relatively rural areas, far from gas pipelines. Natural gas is less than half the cost of oil these days, although that advantage is narrowing somewhat.

The trucks head to the customer, which can be up to about 200 miles away and hook up to a special burner that can handle CNG. The truck stays in Beats By Dre White

The 18 wheelers weigh 80,000 pounds when full, she said.

Babyliss Curling Wand Pink

Babyliss Curling Wand Pink

Evslin said NG Advantage encourages customers Ghd Max Styler

NG Advantage is a 15 employee startup company that only made its first delivery in April, from its one compression site in Milton, Vt., near Burlington. But it has big plans, prodded by the price advantage of natural gas that has potential customers clamoring for more, said cofounder Mary Evslin.

This system means the customers don't have to build storage tanks for CNG, which, because of its high pressure, is much more difficult to hold than oil.

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