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Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

Fuel cells can instantly be recharged when fuel is added and maintain power longer Beats By Dre Pro Detox

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

Neah Power Systems.

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

Neah Power was founded by two University of Washington students, Leroy Ohlsen and Michael Fabien, in 1999. It started in Ohlsen's garage. The pair later moved their business to the UW Incubator Center for a short time before some larger investments led them to go public.

"Our goal and intent with shipping out these first few generation one units is to gather feedback from consumers." D'Couto said. "We will then incorporate Instyler Ionic Styler Pro

Neah Power aims to create a buzz

Neah Power is working with UMC Global Solutions out of Woodinville for design and manufacture of these first units. The company in the future could partner with larger companies like Beats By Dre Drenched Solo Telecom and Samsung Distribution Services, which has sent a letter of interest.

It uses a patented porous silicon base that does not require air to operate like many other methanol fuel cells so it has the freedom to operate in remote areas, underwater or even space.

It's a publicly traded company (ticker code: NPWZ).

that feedback into the new generation two units set to be available for pre order in June of 2014."

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

"You have to plug batteries into the wall to drain energy from the grid and store them, this is then released when it's used. A fuel cell is an energy generation device, that can generate energy on demand." D'Couto said. Navy among others, D'Couto said.

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

than batteries, said Chris D'Couto, president and CEO of Beats By Dre Ep

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

The company has two main products: The PowerChip and the BuzzBar.

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

The business, which operates out of a 6,600 square foot facility in Bothell, is making a limited number of units of its first fuel cells.

The PowerChip is a high density fuel cell that uses a direct methanol fuel cell system. It's primarily used by the military, government and corporations. When its energy has been used up, the user just replaces the old cartridge with a new one and more power is instantly available.

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

Beats By Dre Drenched Solo

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