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The mobile restrooms would be in a trailer with multiple stalls/urinals and have running water availability in the sinks, Miller pointed out; it would not be like the portable toilets that are rented for events and emergencies.

"Our park needs a restroom on the Beats By Dre Bluetooth Earbuds

"When we look at what the overall price for bathrooms are, we can put bathrooms in City Park for $65,000," City Manager Jeff Wells said. "However, they're going to be very limited. When we look at the crowd that was out there on Saturday for the opening of the band shell, I guess we want to make sure that the bathrooms that we put down there are going to Beats By Dre Pro Box

"I just thought that for using it as a stop gap, $60,000 is kind of expensive," Councilman Kevin Lindell said.

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which could recover some of the costs.

Councilwoman Lisa Northrup said she agreed with the idea of not rushing into building permanent bathrooms, but that the city needed some solution for the coming busy season of events and activities at parks.

While adding public restrooms to Fort Morgan City Park is one of the Fort Morgan City City Council's top goals, the members found out May 6 that it may not be as simple or cost effective as initially thought.

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Miller pointed out that Optimist Park, JayCee Park, the Deuel Street ball fields and Riverside Park all had needs for restrooms for special events, and this trailer restroom could help fill those needs.

While neither Curtis nor Miller suggested this as the final solution for parks bathrooms, Miller said it would allow city to alleviate some immediate restrooms concerns while figuring out what the long term solution should look like and how much it would cost.

Public Works Director/Engineer Brad Curtis and Community Services Director Josh Miller brought a proposal to the council for getting mobile restroom facilities that could be moved from park to park for different events.

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One of the reasons costs are higher than planned for permanent restrooms, Curtis said, is because of meeting Americans With Disabilities Act requirements, including having larger stalls, wider doors and likely having concrete pads and ramps for wheelchair access.

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After more discussion about location and costs for permanent bathrooms, the council decided to have staff get more information and even bids for the trailer based restrooms as a short term solution, but also bring back more about costs for larger, permanent restrooms in City Park and restrooms in other parks around the city.

Curtis also said that it probably would be better to wait awhile and see where the best location for permanent restrooms in City Park would be based on how the band shell will change the uses for different parts of the park.

needed on parks restrooms

The council also discussed the possibility of renting out a mobile restroom unit to groups that normally would rent portable units, Ghd Lagoon

Meanwhile, city staff was looking into possibilities for using money for restrooms as efficiently as possible and dealing with the need for those facilities at many of the city's parks, not just City Park.

The council had budgeted $65,000 for getting that done in 2014, but that amount of money likely would only mean a couple of single stall restrooms, like what Beats By Dre Bluetooth is by the fishing ponds at Riverside Park.

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be substantial enough to handle the crowds."

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But Wells pointed out that the largest events, such as BOB Stock, would still need portable facilities because of the size of the crowd.

outside all the time, instead of part of the time," Mayor Terry McAlister said. "But I'm OK with what council wants to do. Don't get me wrong, I think either way is better than what we have."

"I think it makes sense, as long as we charge some sort of a fee for the cleaning and maintenance of it," Councilman Damon Mussman said.

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