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Her shawl dance is a bit more contemporary, she explained.

The dance awards were divided by category, including one for children. Cyrus Greene, 11, has been attending pow wows with his family for as long as he can remember. The Templeton, Mass., boy said the connection is a deep one that words are hard to pin Ghd Eclipse Colours

"It was taught to me long ago that these dancers come into the circle . to bring in the traditions of their ancestors," said Bruce Curliss, who emceed the dance to the sound of drums and chanting. "They are coming in for their ancestors. They are coming in to entertain and educate you."

non coincidentally, follow the trail across the area once taken by the ancestors of many of the participants.

He wasn't the only one dancing. A few dozen dancers took to the arena a grass circle surrounding a raised mound Sunday for a competition featuring cash prizes. And while Sharphead admitted the bright colors in his outfit are designed to attract the attention of judges, it's about a lot more than a cash prize for him, and for the others who attended the three day event that also featured live music, a healing ceremony for veterans and other spiritual happenings.

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The bead patterns on Sharphead's clothing were designed by his ancestors back before Europeans arrived in what is now America, though then the designs were made from porcupine quills, he said.

This pow wow was about honoring more than heritage: the theme was veterans, whether Native Americans or otherwise, with the motto "America fly like an eagle, forever free."

Without his participation in events like this one, "my family's history would just stop," he said. "I don't want that."

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And then the dancing began, with participants led in by veterans carrying flags representing all branches of the military that they placed at the center.


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Ghd Rose Gold Straightener


The Jacksonville, Fla., resident travels about the country performing the dances of his ancestors in clothing similar to what they wore. He tries to hit a pow wow whatever weekend he can, and this weekend he was at the fourth annual Rock, Rattle Drum Pow Wow held at Gardner's Field in Stephentown.

"It's just a way to hang out with other native people," said Hoover, who has been dancing for 18 years and just returned from a pow wow in Oklahoma. "It's a way to socialize. It's a way to get to see people you don't see otherwise."

"It exemplifies how this is a living, changing culture," Hoover said. "It's definitely a living, adaptable type of thing."

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Fidel Moreno, one of the event's organizers on behalf of not for profit group Healing Winds, said that while the efforts of Veterans of Foreign Wars and the like are not to Ghd Rose Gold Straightener be belittled, he is hoping the create a greater sense of community for returning "soldiers and warriors."

The event has been held in different places over its four years, and next year it will likely be in Vermont, Moreno said. The locations, Beats Inalambricos

Native culture shared

Pow wows like this one provide the chance to meet with others of similar heritage, he said. At this weekend's event he met Elizabeth Hoover, originally from Pennsylvania, who also travels around to such gatherings.

"It's done to bring the process of resolution to grief," said Moreno, who later told the crowd that returning soldiers often bear non visible scars that they don't speak about. "It helps facilitate the spiritual support Ghd Straighteners Limited Edition

"They came from communities, and they should come back and be supported by communities," he said. "That's what this pow wow is about."

Like those ancestors also did, a "wiping the tears" ceremony was performed Sunday. Veterans and their families entered the arena to approach the white flag at center.

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