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Beats Audio Headphones

Beats Audio Headphones

"I think she should shut her mouth," Vickery said. "She's making a fool of herself."

Vickery said she was unlikey to support Lozeau if she runs for re election.

Neither Donnalee nor David Lozeau have been charged as a result of the investigation, the results of which were released by David Lozeau earlier this week. The Lozeaus maintain the once dormant investigation was restarted by police out of retaliation for the mayor speaking out against the police budget and police union contracts something Police Chief John Seusing denies.

NASHUA George Judd just moved to Nashua from Lowell, Mass., but the newcomer said he's shocked by recent accusations of drug use and bid rigging leveled against Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau and her husband, David, in newly released police documents.

"I think people are not convicted until they can prove that they're guilty," O'Neil said. "They're jumping onto the front pages It doesn't seem very fair to me."

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Beats Audio Headphones

Beats Audio Headphones

also voting in Ward 8, had a piece of advice for the mayor.

Gail Bradley, 51, a voter from Ward 1, called the accusations "shocking," but said she still keeps an element of doubt. "I don't know whether to believe it Beats By Dre Earphones Wireless

Stebbins said if those accusations were true, "we would have known by now."

citizen voter from Ward 1, said it was unfair that the mayor has not been able to defend herself.

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Nashua voters react to Mayor Donnalee Lozeau's accusations as they head to polls

Mary O'Neil, a senior Beats By Dre Studio

Beats Audio Headphones

"It kind of surprised me that you'd have this type of politics in Nashua," said Judd, 70, as he arrived to vote at the Ward 8 polling station on East Dunstable Road. "I don't know who's right or wrong but it definitely looks like the mayor and her husband are not right."

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Others, like 76 year old David Crane, voiced steadfast support for the mayor and refused to believe any of the accusations. "I think somebody is just fishing for political reasons," Crane said as he voted at the Ward 1 polling place at the Broad Street Elementary School.

Beats Audio Headphones

Either way, Linda Vickery, 52, who was Ghd Gold Professional 1

or not," Bradley said. "I'd like to know more."

Many more voters said they hadn't made up their minds yet and are waiting for more information about the Lozeaus and the police investigation to come to light.

Vickery said she didn't think the accusations against the Lozeaus should have been made public, but added that she no longer supported the mayor. "I don't think it should be in the public, but it is now, so she screwed herself in my opinion," Vickery said.

Bekki Cardin, 40, from Ward 8, said she doesn't "have enough information to make any judgement at all," but said she'd like to know more. "It's important that we trust the people that are working for us," Cardin said.

"I think it's politics," Stebbins said. "The investigation was closed by the police chief and I'm willing to accept that. I don't think Donnalee (Lozeau) is a coke and marijuana type of person."

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Ed Stebbins, a voter from Ward 8, said he continues to support the mayor and said he Beats Audio Headphones knows the Lozeaus personally. He said he has supported Donnalee Lozeau since she first ran for mayor in November 2007.

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