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I wondered about was the parking. There was tons of parking available the day I visited, but I couldn't help but wonder if there's enough during football season.

I was at Southwest Park on a weekday morning, and there were men playing softball. I'm assume it was softball, because I've recently learned there are many differences between a softball diamond and a baseball diamond. Most obvious is that only baseball uses a raised pitcher's mound.

The first park I checked out was Southwest Park, which was appropriate, as Ward 5 makes up the southwest corner of Nashua. It's a big park 245 acres big.

The New England Mountain Bike Association cut the first part of that trail in June 2005. From what I could tell by the number of cars parked with bike carriers on them, this is a popular trail.

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Beats By Dre Nfl

Southwest Park and Yudicky Farm are on Main Dunstable Road. I'm quite familiar with this area, because I used to work on Spit Brook Road, and when social events after work beckoned me to the west, I would go out Middle Dunstable Road to Ridge Road and out to Old Ridge Road, which is now closed to car traffic.

Both of these recreation facilities are important Beats By Dre Color

The city should conduct a natural resource/wildlife inventory and develop a management plan for the newly acquired land surrounding Lovewell's Pond. The pond is perhaps Nashua's most unique natural area. If human use of this area is to increase, careful management is necessary.

It seems as if Nashua has found an appropriate temple to worship in.

The city should explore the feasibility of an extensive trail system, which would connect the trails in Yudicky Farm to the recently acquired parcels in its vicinity. If such a trail system appears feasible, the city should seek to implement it in the near future.

to the city, and I'm all for these kinds of facilities, as well as green space.

There were at least nine trails that I counted, and I would advise you to print out a copy of the trail map if you're going to Yudicky Farm.

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I'm not a skater, even though I grew up in New England, but I know that hockey isn't a sport it's a religion. Babyliss Curling Brush

The city should hire a forestry consultant to determine whether thinning certain forest stands in Yudicky Farm, Southwest Park and surroundings would improve wildlife habitat, recreational use and the appearance of those areas. Yudicky Farm contains many young, dense white pine stands. The value of these stands for wildlife habitat and recreation may be improved by selective thinning.

Horrigan Park isn't quite a park yet. But I understand that it's an important part of the Nashua River Watershed Association's plan to protect the Nashua River greenway. And I think we should all start visualizing a connected series of walks and trails on land, on water and next to water linking the parks in our city.

The men whatever they were playing were clearly having a great time, as were the assorted hikers and bikers coming in and out of the woods.

Once the natural resource and wildlife inventory is completed, a management plan for the park should be developed. The management plan should seek to balance human use of the park with its value as a wildlife habitat.

When I went by to take Beats By Dre Nfl photos, soccer camp was in progress, and the kids were doing drills.

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They said Mine Falls Park would never happen. It took a long time to make it happen. I don't see any reason why the Nashua Greenway Trail (this is what I'm calling it) shouldn't happen, either.

The field at Stellos Stadium is used by Nashua's three high school teams, and as I was there in the summer, the only thing Chi Flat Iron Official Website

Beats By Dre Nfl

Ward 5 also includes Mine Falls, which I wrote quite a lot about last week, so I'm not going to belabor the point that we have a great asset in the middle of the city. But I am going to point out that between Mine Falls and Yudicky Farm, we have 600 acres of open space. We should guard it, along with the rest of our green space, because it's precious.

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Horrigan Park is basically an 11 acre parcel along the Nashua River on the Nashua/Hollis line. It isn't accessible right now, unless you have a boat.

Nashua's Ward 5 is a sports hotbed

This is an interesting park, because the most visible part of it is the playing fields, which are quite a small part of the entire shebang. There are hiking and biking trails galore, and there's a set of trails specifically for mountain bikes called the Barbwire Trails.

Even though Ward 5 has five parks, I found a green space on my Nashua city map that was noted as a park: Horrigan Park. I couldn't get there.

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If you go to where it's located off Skyline Drive, you'll see a sign saying "No trespassing, private property," which I respected. Getting as close as I could, I saw what looked like a boat access on an adjacent street.

Conduct a comprehensive natural resource and wildlife inventory to document the ecosystems and plant and animal species in the park. Such an inventory would provide baseline data on the park's natural features and biodiversity, which could be used as a yardstick in measuring potential adverse impacts of certain human activities in the park.

Yudicky Farm is an important green resource in Nashua, and as such, its development is included in the Conservation and Preservation Element of the Nashua Master Plan. The suggestions made for Yudicky Farm are:

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Beats By Dre Nfl

Beats By Dre Nfl

Stellos Stadium is a football field. A big football field. It's located practically next to Conway Arena.

If the number of people at Conway Arena on a hot August day is any indication of the popularity of ice skating in Nashua, I would have to say this is an incredibly hot sport! There were folks everywhere, dropping kids off, picking them up. Everyone seemed happy.

From Yudicky Farm, I proceeded back toward Nashua and stopped by the Main Dunstable soccer fields. If your child plays soccer and even if your child doesn't you know where the Main Dunstable soccer fields are. They're on the left heading back into Nashua, and there always seems to be something going on at that field.

Of all these suggestions, I feel that's the one that would benefit city residents the most. There needs to be a Master Plan for the parks and trails in this city. It would be lovely to be able to get easily from trail to trail, and if there's anything this story has taught me, it's that I need a bike.

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