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Too often, she said, schools need to spend time reviewing reading, writing and basic math skills, and do not have the opportunity to explore more advanced technology with young students.

The center offers annual summer camp programs, as well as after school programs throughout the year.

It's good news for people like Delaney, who work to promote science and technology among young students.

Delaney said she's hopeful the newest camp program will only help to build RoboTech Center programs further. While the programs are popular with those students who do attend, she said it can be hard to get the word out to local students about the camps.

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Beats Wireless Solo 2

"It sounded like a lot of fun," he said. "It's a new experience. It's really cool that you have the power to control and program something, instead of just going out to the store and buying it."

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Seeing how much the students enjoy the programs, however, she said, is rewarding.

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And Delaney said that getting students involved in science and technology at a younger age means they'll be more likely to pursue a college major or job in the field down the line. There are so many available jobs in these fields, she said, but students have to get prepared before heading to college.

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But that's exactly what Margolis did last week, building and programming his own remote control car that can drive itself, and even know when it is about to hit a wall and turn around.

"It's amazing that we don't teach programming to kids at a young age," Delaney said. "These kids can do this. They come up with amazing ideas and creations."

Johnson said he'd never done anything like the RoboTech camp before, but was interested in learning more about technology.

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Beats Wireless Solo 2

Nashua's RoboTech offers science

giving them a leg up. They're not just playing video games or playing with a remote control car. They're building one, and programming it."

"Just the looks on their faces is really fulfilling," Delaney said. "Knowing that we're Beats By Dre Headphones Price

Beats Wireless Solo 2

Kyle Bourgeois, 13, had figured out how Beats By Dre Studio 2.0 Wireless

In Delaney's camp room, students were busy working on their remote control cars, trying to figure out the best way to attach a sensor Beats Wireless Solo 2 to the front of the car. The sensor will enable the students to program their cars to know when they are about to hit a wall or other obstacle.

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The remote control car summer camp is the organization's newest, and program manager Suzanne Delaney said it's already been a hit with local students.

"Too many students are coming out of high school with maybe one computer science class," she said. "We'd love to get them back to these camps every year, because they can learn more. When they get to college, they have experience, and they can get scholarships, be well prepared, even be research assistants."

The students at the RoboTech camps last week were clearly engaged in what they were learning. In one portion of the Rivier University campus where the summer programs are held locally, students were building small LEGO robots, programming them to shoot balls at targets.

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In another room, students were designing their own video games. They created characters, buildt game levels and even designed scenery for the games. The games, once complete, will be able to be played on Xbox devices.

NASHUA Adam Margolis likes remote control cars and video games, but never thought he'd be on his way toward making them himself, let alone at the age of 8.

While more students are getting interested in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), she said it's important to continue to promote the fields to students, especially young ones.

Evan Johnson, 11, of Bedford, made a small piece of cardboard serve as a platform for his sensor, allowing him to place the device on the front of his remote control car without it falling off.

to download an application to his iPhone that let him control his robot from the device. Other students gathered around to watch as Bourgeois made his robot turn, aim, then fire a small plastic ball at a pile of LEGOs.

and science based education programs for students.

Margolis is one of more than a dozen young people from around the region who took part in a summer camp program organized by Nashua's RoboTech Center, an organization that provides technology Pearl Ghd Straighteners

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