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Despite that, the NDP is attempting to use last year books to try to show voters how fiscally responsible they are.

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The report doesn say how much money government has been transferring to Crowns or whether some or all of it will be repaid. What it does say is that government should be counting it as an expense, and it not.

Thanks to higher than anticipated income tax revenue from Manitobans in 2010 up a staggering $255 million from what was budgeted the reported deficit settled at $340 million.

The truth is, there is no evidence whatsoever that the NDP has its spending under control. If they did, they would have tabled a balanced budget in the spring.

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Meanwhile, it not the size of last year deficit I most worried about. It the size of this year deficit, which is projected to soar again.

The NDP projected a core government deficit of $536 million last year. That was revised down to $490 million in the spring.

And it doesn include how the NDP is now cooking the books on transfers to Crowns.

More importantly, if the Selinger government was truly getting its spending under control and moving towards a balanced budget, why are they budgeting a larger deficit this year than what they posted last year?

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Although we now know it higher than Ghd Mark 4 that because government has deliberately fudged its numbers.

What a clever way of trying to hide expenses in an effort to under report the size of the deficit.

The NDP tabled a spring budget that will see the deficit rise above the half billion dollar mark again. And that without Beats By Dre Advertising Campaign

The Selinger government has been counting it as an asset instead. Which means the deficit for 2010 is actually worse than what government is reporting.

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Ghd Mark 4

Firstly, though, a $340 million deficit is nothing to be proud of, especially during a year when Manitoba economy was growing. We were not in a recession last year and there was no reason to post a deficit of any size.

Either way, those were last year numbers. What about this year?

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The Selinger government projected a deficit of $510 million for 2011 12.

accounting for the tens of millions maybe more the government will have to Sales Beats By Dre Mixr

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Ghd Mark 4

this year for flood costs.

NDP cooking the books to conceal real deficit

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Not sure how cooking the books is fiscally responsible.

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in 2008 09, certain loans and advances to Crown organizations, repaid through future appropriations, were reflected as assets of the core government, it says in Volume 1 of the public accounts. sector accounting standards would require these advances to be expensed as grants in the year issued. means the Selinger government isn telling us the truth about the extent to which it has plunged taxpayers into deficit.

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