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A: "Now? No, none. I never lost. Ever.

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winger, walked from Manchester to Nashua on Wednesday on the first leg of his three day trek to fight hunger.

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A: "You remember all the beatings."

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What's tougher, a fight in the NHL or walking in this cold?

"Ha. I don't think that's possible today," Byers countered with a laugh, his face flushed by the chilling winds.

Question: It's pretty chilly. How's the response been today?

Known as "LB" on WAAF FM's Hill Man Morning Show, Byers left Manchester about 10:30 Wednesday morning and arrived in Nashua early in the evening, collecting greetings and donations along the Ghd Gold Straighteners way.

A: "Don't be talking when you should be punching. It's pretty simple.

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All proceeds from the walk will go toward food banks in Greater Boston, New Hampshire and Worcester County, Mass.

A: "No. The fights are still the same. Some guy tries to punch the other guy in the face. The other guy tries to punch the other guy in the face. Whoever hits the guy more in the face wins the fight, right? It's fairly simple."

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The efforts are part of WAAF's 17th annual Walk and Rock for Change fundraiser. In addition to offering cash along the route, supporters can call in to the station through Friday to request songs in exchange for a donation. The more unusual the song, the more it costs to play. Donors can reach the station at 1 866 517 WAAF (9223).

His colleague, fellow WAAF radio personality Anthony "Spaz'' Parziale, is scheduled to cross 10 cities and towns trekking from Worcester to Boston.

"Hey, LB. Stay warm," one fan, stopped on the Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack, told Byers as he handed over a $5 bill.

Nashua this afternoon Video

A: "Of course. The game changes every year. These guys are bigger, stronger, faster. They're awesome. They work hard 12 months a year, they deserve everything they get.

Fighting temperatures in the teens with a wind chill in the single digits, Byers, a Boston radio personality and former Bruins Beats Tumblr

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A: "I don't know. It's not just one fight. It's the 10 fights a week that get really old really fast."

Answer: "It's cold. It's ugly, but people have been amazing again this year. I can't thank WAAF listeners enough. Our listeners are amazing. They have the greatest hearts on the planet. Whenever we ask, they come flying in." Q:

MERRIMACK As a former Bruins bruiser, Lyndon Byers took some hits over the years. But few had the sting of the chilling winds Ghd Iv Hair Straightener

Ghd Gold Straighteners

that met him Wednesday as he walked across parts of southern New Hampshire.

Q: Is there one or two fights over your career that stand out to you?

In between the chilling winds, Byers took a few moments along his route Wednesday to discuss with The Telegraph his walk and his career.

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walk Friday in Boston.

Q: What's the key to winning a hockey fight?

Q: Has hockey changed much since you retired (in 1995)?

In total, Byers is scheduled to walk through 12 cities and towns in New Hampshire and Massachusetts before finishing the Pink Ghd

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