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Beats By Dre Urbeats

Beats By Dre Urbeats

Beats By Dre Urbeats

Beats By Dre Urbeats

Abraham Lincoln's mother died at the young age of 34 purportedly from what some physicians back then called milk sickness. Whether that Beats Gold Edition

Early settlers thought the rhizomes ( the underground tubers) of snake root removed toxins from snake bites. That's how the plant got its name. But little evidence shows the plant had curative properties.

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Thenative plant common throughout Illinois can be found blooming through October in open woodlands. Clusters of white flowers bloom atop a 2 to 3 foot tall stalk. When savannas undergo prescribed burns to return them to their early settlement glory, snakeroot is often one of the first plants that rises from the ashes.

White snakeroot can be seen blooming in October throughout northern Illinois where open woodlands exist. Some places to visit now to see white snakeroot include oak savannas by the Lost Valley Visitor Center at Glacial Park in McHenry County, Elsen's Hill atWest DuPage Woods in DuPage County. The Lake County Forest Preserves has sold white snakeroot at its annual native plant Beats By Dre Solo 2 Colors

Beats By Dre Urbeats

Beats By Dre Urbeats

Beats By Dre Urbeats

When cows munched on lots of the snakeroot, the poisonous properties of the plant were transferred Beats By Dre Urbeats to its milk and then to humans who drank the milk. Department of Agriculture study suggested that snakeroot contained a substance that caused milk sickness. As a result, dairy farmers keep snakeroot out of their fields and kept their cows fenced. Today's regulation of of milk production makes it highly unlikely snakeroot will get into cow's milk.

Beats By Dre Urbeats

Beats By Dre Urbeats

was the cause of Mrs. Lincoln's death or not, milk sickness did exist back then and the likely culprit was a 2 to 3 foot tall native Illinois plant that is blooming right now in open woodlands it's called white snakeroot, and its Latin name is Eupatorium rugosom.

Beats By Dre Urbeats

Its nectar offers sustenance to various bees, wasps, butterflies and moths, while a forest floor filled with white snakeroot beneath oaks can offer beauty to humans. Add the yellow of goldenrods and the purple of New England aster for a palate of complementary colors to enjoy throughout October.

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sale in May.

Beats By Dre Urbeats

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Beats By Dre Urbeats

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