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Martin also offered penance on behalf of the NDP for related statements made on the party website.

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

It's the second time in as many months Martin has been forced to back Beats By Dre Custom

RackNine's lawyer, Justin Matthews, said the "long overdue" grovelling doesn't get the party or the MP off the hook.

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

"I now know that the statements I made insinuating Mr. Meier's and RackNine's participation in an electoral fraud conspiracy were wholly and unequivocally false."

Martin took no questions from the media.

The controversy over automated phone calls during last year's general election came to light after residents in Guelph, Ont., began complaining that they'd received Chi Straightener

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

and the NDP over his comments.

In February, Martin repeatedly attacked Meier and RackNine in the media and on national TV, calling the company "rascals" and "goons," and accusing it of making "hundreds of thousands of phoney phone calls" that were part of a "massive conspiracy to defraud the electoral system."

Martin had refused to apologize for the comments in the past, but on Monday he admitted his errors and said that RackNine was a legitimate automated call service and "an innocent intermediary" in any fraudulent robocalls.

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

NDP MP apologizes for robocall accusations

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

"Defamation is Ghd Curling Wand Comparison very easy to do and very difficult to repair," he said. "The lawsuit will continue until Pat Martin and the NDP fully recognize and resolve the damages that they have caused to my clients."

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

pedal over comments made at the height of the robocall affair.

The Edmonton based company that made automated calls for the Tories in last May's election launched a $5 million defamation suit in March against Martin Ghd Hair Dryer Aura

"I singled out a private individual, Mr. Matt Meier, along with his business, RackNine Inc., and I wrongfully accused them of being part of a conspiracy to commit electoral fraud," an unusually contrite Martin said Monday, reading from a written statement.

Bombastic NDP MP Pat Martin removed a foot from his mouth long enough to offer his mea culpas for having "wrongfully accused" a private individual and his business for electoral fraud during the robocall affair.

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

robocalls informing them their voting station had changed.

In March, he published an online apology to an Ontario company, Responsive Marketing Group Inc., for statements made in an another TV interview.

Ghd Curling Wand Comparison

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