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Catherine Bleish, director of the Liberty Restoration Project, filed suit Monday against the department, the city and several officers, charging Ghd Eclipse Warranty

with notice of the lawsuit, but after reading it quickly, the department's lawyer, Brian Cullen, of Nashua, said he expects that police will have a different view and account of the events surrounding Bleish's arrest.

"The Plaintiff was so Ghd Arctic Gold V Styler Gift Set emotionally disturbed by the initial arrest to such an extent that she continued to cry, plead and beg for her liberty even through the booking process," her suit states, adding, "The Plaintiff does all that she can to keep personal information about herself private, including such things as her full name, address, and fingerprint patterns, that she became very upset when she was ordered to provide that information to the police."

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Drug laws are just one of many causes espoused by the Liberty Restoration Project. The group favors local food production, states' rights and all of the various constitutional protections enumerated in the Bill of Rights. military interventions in general, according to its website.

Ghd Arctic Gold V Styler Gift Set

Ghd Arctic Gold V Styler Gift Set

she was later acquitted on the disorderly conduct charge in Nashua District Court.

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Ghd Arctic Gold V Styler Gift Set

"While filming, she questioned the officers' moral judgments in making the arrests and otherwise protested their actions," her suit states.

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Ghd Arctic Gold V Styler Gift Set

Bleish charges that she was emotionally traumatized by the arrest, and missed her sister's wedding reception as a result of having to appear in court.

police with wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution and excessive force. She alleged that the officers "willfully, wantonly and with evil motive" violated her constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly.

Bleish was among three people arrested during the Library Hill demonstration, during which some protesters smoked marijuana openly and others carried sidearms openly.

Bleish's suit charges that she was arrested while trying to film and protest one of the other arrests.

Bleish charges that police violated her rights to free speech, freedom of the press and to peaceful assembly because she was protesting and documenting the protests.

Bleish is represented by Stephen Martin and Seth Hipple, of Concord. Neither was immediately available for comment Friday.

National pot protester sues Nashua police for using excessive force

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Her suit seeks compensation for lost wages, travel expenses, legal fees and suffering resulting from her arrest, and punitive damages "for the Defendants' evil motive in causing harm to the Plaintiff."

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Ghd Arctic Gold V Styler Gift Set

The protest included members of the Free State movement, and was timed to coincide with the New Hampshire Liberty Forum that weekend at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The city and police department have yet to be served Ghd Iv Professional Styler

A Nashua teen was the only person charged with marijuana possession. Bleish and a Keene man were charged with disorderly conduct.

CONCORD The head of a national libertarian group has sued Nashua Police as a result of her arrest during pro marijuana demonstrations in Nashua last spring.

Officer Todd Moriarty, who was working with a police dog, ordered Bleish to back up onto a curb, her suit states, while the dog barked and bared its teeth. Bleish charges that police arrested her within seconds, before she had time to comply with his order, and notes Beats By Dre 2.0 Wireless

Bleish was among a group of activists who gathered on Library Hill to protest marijuana prohibition and demonstrate in favor of decriminalizing the drug.

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